(say Cor-nell)

When GaGa and Judilee created me, they had one thing in mind: A female sheriff's deputy, great friends as family, law first and order a close second, along with mystery in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! 

Hummm, a bit more than one thing,

but you get the picture.

The setting is Green County, Colorado with the only town of Oresville, population around 2,000 most of the year. Summer visitors easily double the population from late May to early September.

At an altitude nearing 10,500', the weather is first on our minds. Predictions from the Old Farmer's Almanac can't be underestimated! 

GaGa and Judilee are creating my Phoebe Korneal (Cor-nell) Series with

fun personalities, the wonderful context of small town living, and the occasional use of Colorado history. 

Come along for the "read!" I think you will enjoy The Last Hurrah, as much as I enjoy solving the mystery and meeting my town, Oresville, Colorado!  

And I am so happy to see this FINALIST in the CALs and Bronze in the CIPA EVVY! Rock on, Phoebe-Girl, rock on!!


Graduating from college, my one thought was to leave Minnesota and live where

the weather is phenomenal, but I never made it to southern California!

I retired from a career in telecom with a Master's in Project Management, another in Business, and an advanced project degree from Stanford (thank you corporate world).


Completing my private pilot license I needed money for 'av' fuel....back to work. This time consulting, teaching, course development...a welcome change along with a grandson who named me GaGa. Thank you, B.


Writing with Judilee is a way I can add levity within the confines of

the pandemic, reach out to others sharing our mutual experiences,

and fine-tune my storytelling.

​Hubby and I live in the Colorado mountains. It's an easy pace for

us with enough space to enjoy camping, fishing, and riding the rough mountain trails. I can't

make up these experiences!

I hope you enjoy The Last Hurrah, get a chuckle here and there, learn

a bit regarding Colorado history, and at the end, wonder what happens next.


Born and raised in New York, I attended the State University of New York at Brockport and taught Kindergarten for several years,

I migrated into Special Education equipped with a master's degree in Learning Disabilities.


Settling in North Carolina, the corporate world was calling. With my experience in teaching, marketing was the next logical step! 

After a twenty year career with IBM, and the family safely launched into life, husband

and I retired to the central mountains of Colorado. For variety and terrific weather

we enjoy a yearly trek to Florida and other parts of the East coast.

Writing with the Chaffee County Writers Exchange opened a whole new world for me. GaGa and I collaborated to write a mystery short story as a fundraiser for the Leadville Mining Museum. We enjoyed creating that so much, we decided to try a cozy mystery series.

Our fictional town of Oresville is a small mining town in the high mountains of Colorado. Lots of history, characters, and puzzles for our gal, Phoebe, to solve. 


The rest is history, as the saying goes.


I hope you enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy writing them.


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Phoebe Korneal

A Light Mystery Series in the

High Country of Colorado