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(say Cor-nell)

When GaGa and Judilee created me, they had one thing in mind: A relentless sheriff's deputy, great friends, law first and order a close second, along with a cozy mystery.

The setting is Green County, Colorado with the only town of Oresville, population around 2,000 most of the year.

Come along for the "read!" I think you'll enjoy The Last Hurrah, The Last Slide and soon to be released...The Last Line as much as I enjoy solving a mystery!  

And I am so happy to see this FINALIST in the CALs and Bronze in the CIPA EVVY! Rock on, Phoebe-Girl, rock on!!


I'm a septuagenarian livin' large in the Rockies. Our Gal, Detective/Deputy, Phoebe is operating in a man's world. This makes for a platform for our collection of stories and opinions on the way to her solving crimes! 


I discovered writing with Judilee is a daily joy. First step for us, a cozy mystery step, if we live long enough...? LOL

We hope you enjoy The Last Hurrah, get a chuckle here and there, learn a bit regarding Colorado history, and at the end, wonder what happens next.




Telling a story is my passion albeit discovered late at twenty years into retirement. 

Using Colorado's mountains for our Phoebe Korneal Trilogy, we've built a relentless detective, quirky characters, and mystery to give you fun, cozy reads. 

Co-authoring with GaGa is fantastic and we'll write until we can't! 

I hope you enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy writing them.

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Phoebe Korneal

A Light Mystery Series in the
High Country of Colorado

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