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Abstract Flame
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Mixologist Roz: Sazerac 101

A New Orleans cocktail from our Louisiana Gal


FIRST: Chill a stemmed glass  rinsed

with ¼ oz absinthe

THEN: Muddle 1 cube sugar with 3 dashes Orleans Bitters—Oh yes!

NOW: Add your perfect rye whiskey & stir with ice...strain into that chilled glass


LASTLY: Fancy it with a lovely orange peel to side of glass


SIP & SAY: "Ahhhh"

ENJOY responsibly!

Mixologist Phoebe: Jolly Old Fashioned Hybrid


Phoebe's idea of THE Holiday Drink

FIRST: In a real nice, short crystal glass, double shot fine bourbon, 2 teaspoons (t) simple syrup, ½ t Cambria, 1 t water

THEN: 3 dashes of your fav' bitters

OH YES: Drop one cherry at bottom &

skin a slice of orange

LASTLY: Drop in two round cubes, stir and

hang orange skin on side...


SIP & SAY: "Ahhhh"

But only one...ENJOY responsibly!

deputy badge.bmp

Mixologist Uncle Q:

Wanton Whiskey Sour

Uncle Q's idea of extra fun.

FIRST: Do fancy glass and double shot

fav' bourbon

THEN: Single shot simple syrup

OH YES: Add ½ shot lemon juice…

fresh please

SHAKE...SHAKE...SHAKE IT, Baby...with ice

LOAD: Square ice cube & pour shaker

mix over the cube 

LASTLY: Load lemon wedge—clever

hang to side 


SIP & SAY: Ahhhh

& quit at two...ENJOY responsibly!


Oresville 10-5

FIRST: Vodka, 2 shots

THEN: Double up on the Diet Lemonade

OH! HEY! Needs ice


LASTLY: Slap 3 mint leaves—release those

precious oils—toss on top of ice

                            TASTE the WOW 

                    Now THIS is fresh at 10-5

            and done!

Created & Photo by Phoebe Fan,

Becky Sloboda

Beautiful Landscape

 Mixologist Sheriff Joe 
      NA, NA, NA Red Beer
                    Joe's idea of fancy!

FIRST: 3 oz, tomato juice
THEN: 6 oz. NA beer or your choice!
NOW: Garnish is Pickled Pigs Feet, Little Joe's Sausage, celery stick, and a jalapeno

LASTLY: Double shot vodka...MAYBE

One's enough!

NA Red Beer_1.jpg

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Phoebe Korneal

A Light Mystery Series in the
High Country of Colorado

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